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Build Genuine Relationships For Spiritual Influence

Build no-strings attached authentic relationships with your oikos relationships. Spiritual force is a product of real relationships.

People can easily tell when you want something from them. This is especially because of the popular statement that “there’s nothing free.” Because of this suspicious society we live in, when you do good things for people, they are expecting that you want to ask for something eventually. That’s why it’s important to be authentic

These are some of the tips that help establish authentic relationships:

  • Be prepared to share a lot about your life as well. The main reason is to get them to talk also.
  • Ask a lot of questions just to understand where people are coming from and where they are in their spiritual journey
  • Be cautious with criticism! No one likes to be condescended to or put down. There are times we are to correct others or motivate them in a better direction, but we must do so with an attitude of love and care, showing patience, respect, and tact while being firm
  • No one is looking for friendly people. Everyone is looking for a friend. Be a friend
  • Be caring! Be genuinely interested in people. Take the time to listen and show your care. Plan your schedule so you have time for people. If you are always in a rush, your relationships will suffer greatly. People whom God wants to bring to you will be ignored, thereby wasting the help, ministry, and influence you could have given. Christian empathy means involvement and showing that you care.
  • Be real! Caution! Be genuine; guard against only getting to know people so you can witness to them. Yes, that is a primary reason, but, we are called to be in relationships. If people find out you are only interested in proselytizing, your witness will be compromised.

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