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3 ways to multiply your group

When it’s time for your group to multiply, there are 3 main ways to go about it:

1. The cell leader leaves to start a new group and hands over to the assistant

One of the main disadvantages I have seen with this method is that the cell group leader continues to get better and better but the assistant really never learns to start a group which comes with its own challenges. They learn to keep one and they might never multiply it. Another disadvantage is that the assistant made leader doesn’t have the influence that the cell group leader might have and this can make things difficult for the new leader in terms of getting them motivated to come to meetings. The group can easily dwindle in number. The best way to combat this is the old leader spending sometime at the meetings after the transition to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Smooth transition happens in three to four weeks.

2. The old group sends out the assistant to also go and start a new cell group

The advantage with this method is that the assistant now learns how to face the challenges of starting something from scratch. He still bonds with the mentor cell leader to grow the group. I recommend this way of multiplying the group.

3. The old group splits up into a smaller number so that the cell leader picks one and the assistant picks another and they both grow it to the number stated in the vision

 The disadvantage is that members might feel they have been divided and will lose what they used to have. It might backfire and have some members stopping.

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