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Get Out Of The Office And Make Connections In The Neighborhood

The problem with many Christians is that they don’t have friends who are unbelievers and if you don’t, you have to make a conscious effort to go out of your house and make connections in the neighborhood. 

1. Host a neighborhood block party on your street.

2. Host marriage enrichment seminars in your home for neighbors.

3. Start a playgroup with another stay at home parents.   Don’t forget the stay at home dads. I was a stay at home dad, so I know how important this is.

4. Distribute homemade gifts to your neighbors at Christmas time.  Include a tactful card that points to Christ.

5. Invite those without nearby family over for a holiday meal (for example singles, internationals, divorced or widowed).

6. Conduct a Backyard Bible Club during the summer for neighborhood kids.

7. Host a baby shower for a neighbor who is expecting. Make sure you include their friends not just yours(!)

8. Offer to host a weekly discussion group or Bible Study. Invite Christian and non-Christian friends to participate.

9. Coordinate a Bring your Main Course night. You supply the grill, and everyone brings their meat or veggie dish.   Have some families bring side dishes while others bring drinks or dessert.

10. Invite the neighbors over to watch a ball game or the mother of all USA sporting events the Super Bowl.

11. Reach out to the students and see how you can be helpful.

In all this, you need to have initiative and drive to make this happen. If you want to be fruitful, you have to take the first step. These things are fascinating ways of getting a community together and showing the love of God to people. As you get out and make friends, these relationships will materialize.

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