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Have A Membership Class

You can have it monthly or quarterly depending on how often there’s a potential to have new members. Membership is a way of getting people to be committed to the church. It’s a way of stabilizing people also.

It’s a time to raise the standard for people. People will always commit to something so it’s better to ask them to be committed to your church. The membership class does that work.

I always thought when you asked people to commit, they would leave. From my experience, it’s the other way round. When people know you love them, they will commit to what you ask them to commit to. When a church has committed members, the members will mature and pull others along. A church with matured members is a church poised for supernatural growth.

Bible says the church is the family of God. If we are brothers and sisters, then we have to be committed to each other because usually that’s what brothers and sisters do.

Practical Ways To Have A Membership Class

  • Aim to have it as long as you have at least one person who wants to be a member.
  • Share information about the church
  • Share benefits of membership
  • Share the requirements of a member.
  • Let them complete a membership covenant. You will see it in Appendix E
  • Celebrate them in church afterwards

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