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Have Another Service If It Will Help 10 Or More People

Having another service is like having another fishing hook in the sea. It’s going to catch another set of fishes that the first hook will not catch. If 5 or more of your members can’t make it for a service, start a service for them. Have a Saturday Night service if it will help 10 or more of them.

Make sure you don’t compromise the quality of the services. Make sure it’s as excellent as the main service. Many pastors say that the first service is not full so they ignore the others who can’t make it. Another service is another hook into the sea to catch a fish the other hook will not catch.

Practical Ways To Start A New Service

  • Can you pinpoint about 8 or more people who the second service will help?
  • Get about 5 of your proven leaders to commit about 3 months so that the second service can grow and then they can focus on one
  • Fast 21 days before starting the 2nd service.
  • Let people know of the date the 2nd service is starting and continue to publicize it

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