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INTRODUCTION to evangelism

Many Christians are barren even though they know why the church exists. The church exists to win souls from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Christ.

Many times, Christians can’t pinpoint anyone they have helped win to Christ. This book is going to help revitalize that part of any typical Christian or church member.

Personally, I used to worry a lot because I knew that one day I would be judged for my barrenness as a Christian. It used to worry me so much, and I believe that it was through that God laid these steps on my heart.

When I started the church in Saint Louis Missouri, God led me to books to put these together, try it and see results.

I then taught my church members and saw them all of a sudden turn into Christians who were bearing fruits and winning souls for God. These steps are proven to revitalize the evangelistic lifestyle of any barren Christian

The steps are broken down into three aspects: Prayer, Position, and Preparation!

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