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Invite A Guest Out For Coffee If Visiting Them Is Going To Be A Problem

The American culture usually makes it difficult to visit someone as a shepherd. It’s a pastor’s duty to visit the sheep. When they do not know you that well, you be the one to invite the person out for coffee. It’s less than $5 and you can get to know the person more.

Remember it’s a type of visit so follow the 3 steps i.e.

  • talk about social things,
  • share the word and
  • pray powerfully for the person.

If someone won’t invite you to their house, invite them to yours or invite them to a common place. Usually people don’t say no to that especially if you add, coffee is on me. I have learned to be the first one to invite especially if they are second time guests or they mentioned they were unchurched.

Practical Ways of Practicing Invitation For Coffee

  • Learn to say hello to first and second time guests after church
  • Have 2 slots every week in your schedule where you invite people out for food
  • Keep some money, about $20, every week for coffee with others
  • Train your leaders to invite out also or invite to their homes
  • Remember to pay for the person you invited

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