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Personally Mentor Your Small Group Leaders

It’s difficult to shepherd God’s people. God calls it taking on the burden of the people. Your small group leaders need to be mentored. They are the most important group in your church.

Make sure you talk to them individually every week. They need to be mentored. They need encouragement. They need inspiration to go and attempt this shepherding thing again. Once again, they are more important than even your guests. Focus on this group every week.

The most important factor for the health and growth of a small group ministry is coaching. This involves

  • CHALLENGE – helping that leader to go beyond where they might have ventured on their own
  • LISTENING – helping them talk through potential courses of action to clarify their thinking
  • ENCOURAGEMENT – affirmation that re-energizes and actively helps them reach their goals. People do not need to be told that they are messing up. They need to be encouraged to do their best and to serve their people
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – building on the leader’s internal motivation to help maintain momentum toward their goals
  • RELATIONSHIP – an authentic life giving relationship that builds relational capital, catalyzes authenticity, and demonstrates care, and
  • PERSPECTIVE – providing a sounding board, feedback, a fresh viewpoint, helping small group leaders align their thinking with reality to produce effective solutions.

Practical Ways To Mentor Small Group Leaders

  • Call them before their meeting every week
  • Find out of any challenges and help them with solutions
  • Give them a next step you think it’s viable for them to work on. E.g. how to get one or two new members
  • Ask them how things are going personally for them. Pry and make sure you solve any personal issues related to work, marriage etc.
  • Pray with them powerfully before ending the call

Follow these steps for EVERY small group leader every week and see your follow up come back to life

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