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Sealing The Deal

It doesn’t matter how much you dribble in basketball and how you are excited to watch, only rings are remembered. Winning games is only what counts. In evangelism, you should learn to close the deal.

If someone has taken you through all this, you should be confident to ask if they want to give their life to Christ and what is stopping them. Remember you have been praying for the person so much.

  • Make a prayer list of friends.
  • Commit to praying daily for each friend.
  • Find ways to spend time with your buddies.
  • Talk about what God is doing in your life.
  • Listen for spiritual thirst.
  • Ask great questions to learn about their spiritual journey.
  • Suggest a way help them grow spiritually in next 20 days.
  • Listen for a time to share your personal journey to faith.
  • Look for a time to share a gospel presentation.
  • Review and learn from your conversations.

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