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Setup A Tele-Pastoring Group

This group is setup to connect usually with those who do not have a small group yet and do not serve in any capacity at church.

As long as they don’t have relationships nor responsibilities, the tele-pastoring group shepherds them through the telephone

Practical Ways To Setup A Tele-Pastoring Group

  • You can have 1 male and 1 female or it can be only you in the beginning
  • Have a list of people ready to be called
  • Call and if you get their voicemail leave a call back number and send that person a text also
  • Usually if there are outings and events coming up, it’s a good opportunity to invite them to it
  • If they can’t go to small group because of work, find something for them to do at church. It will also get them connected. Engagement at church is the second level of care in the church
  • This group texts on Monday, calls on Thursday and remind with a call or text on Saturday about church on Sunday

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