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Use Connection Cards During The Service

The first step in closing the back door is knowing who was in your meeting and who was not there. Make connection cards available for the whole congregation. Sometimes new people do not want to be recognized so when the whole church completes it, they are able to hide in the congregation but you still get their information.

Make them aware there are gifts for first time and second time guests. The back of the connection card gives people an opportunity to let you know of something they need.

If it’s prayer, let someone call them on Monday and pray with them. If it’s any other event, they show interest in, someone should let them know by Monday it’s been received and the next steps towards it.

Look at Appendix C to see an example of a connection card

Practical Ways To Use Connection Cards

  • Make sure it’s newly printed especially at the back. That is what will make members like to fill it also
  • Have the connection cards and pens on their chairs before service
  • Collect it afterwards and make sure the phone numbers and email addresses are quite clear especially if you do not know the person
  • During after church interaction, if it’s not clear, confirm from the person

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